Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today I will keep another promise to myself. In June, I kept a promise to myself and rode my bicycle to Metropolis to do the "Superman Ride" then rode home for 172 miles total on the day. Today, I'm riding to Mt. Vernon to do the "Kiwanis Fun Day In The Park Century" and ride back home. I should have about 220 miles on the day when I get back. I'm a little nervous about my ability to finish, but I'll never know if I don't try. I have an early start, but will be unable to eat before I leave. The "Hammer protocol" for long events is no eating within three hours of the start. And they recommend that you don't trade sleep for food. So I'm up with enough time for "first coffee" and hopefully a morning poop. (At my age, that's a daily blessing!)

All my stuff is packed and ready, and my bicycle has been thoroughly checked over by the bike wrench at The Bike Surgeon, so I can afford to relax before the event. I have decided to watch bicycling videos on YouTube to help motivate me. I chose videos of the most difficult events I could find, figuring that if they could do it, maybe I could, too.

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